Herrlander Pictures

Herrlander Pictures is owned and operated by Claes Herrlander.

Our work is primarily documentary film production and still photography, two activities that inspire and stimulate each other.

The film productions are both by commission and independent projects. Several of our films have been shot abroad and have also been shown on television in many countries. See the page about >film.

Our work with still photography is for organisations, companies and periodicals; mostly in Sweden but also abroad. Find some examples on the >photography page.

Client references 

Magdalena Ackeberg

Senior Marketing Officer


"I have worked with Claes Herrlander both in film- and still image productions. He accepts responsibility, is efficient, collaborative, and always delivers what we have agreed upon. Highest quality images and films produced that we have been able to use successfully for a long time. A true proffessional that I can recommend to anyone who wants their projects presented in the best way."

Magnus Stenberg

Project Coordinator

Studief√∂rbundet Bilda

"Our ongoing film project in conjunction with Herrlander Pictures works very well. The production company is responsive to our ideas, professional in the execution, and agreements are clearly adhered to. The cooperation is pleasant and effective. We look forward to using these films from Israel and Palestine that have been developed together."