Film production

Since 1997, we have produced more than 20 documentary films. They are inspiring, mind-opening stories about people from around the world: Europe, Latin America, USA, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The films have been independent projects, co-productions or commissions for various organizations. The majority of them have been broadcast on television, in Scandinavia and many other countries. We also produce corporate films.

Some of the partners and clients we have worked with are: SVT (Swedish Public Service Television company), UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting company), CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), SBS (Special Broadcasting Company, Australia), ABF (Workers' Educational Association of Sweden), Diakonia, The Study Association Bilda, Criterion Collection, Siemens AB, Mörnvik Film, Mats Hjelm, artist, director, Tom Powers, Open Door. See some examples of film productions below, soon more to come.

We and The Others - Sally

The film about Sally is one of four films from Israel/Palestine produced for The Swedish Study Association Bilda. The film series is called We and The Others and is used in Bilda's study circles about the Middle East.

Sally lives in Nazareth. She is a Christian Palestinian and Israeli citizen. Sally is the principal of a school for children with learning disabilities. The Swedish authors Stefan Foconi and Tomas Andersson accompany Sally in her everyday life in Nazareth.

Participants Sally Awad Stefan Foconi Tomas Andersson, Director and Cinematographer Terese Mörnvik,

Idea and Script Stefan Foconi Tomas Andersson, Editing Max Arehn, Music and Soundmix Henrik Meierkord, Voice-over Magnus Mark, Graphics and Maps Swedish Frames, Swedish subtitles Nordisk undertext,

Coordination from The Study Association Bilda Magnus Stenberg, Producer Claes Herrlander

Produced by Herrlander Pictures for The Study Association Bilda

Length 7:40 min, 2019

Black Nation

Black Nation is a feature film that takes a hard, uncompromising look at the state of Black men in America today through the prism of the streets of Detroit and the City’s controversial Shrine of the Black Madonna. The Church’s focus on delivering pragmatic programs centered around economic self sufficiency, is a model for Black America today, as it searches for solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Set within the framework of a Father’s Day service the film tracks the despair of its congregation, while at the same time, showing the way forward with great hope and dignity. They are leading by example.

Director Mats Hjelm, Cinematography Mats Hjelm Annika Busch, Editing Helena Fredriksson, Producer Claes Herrlander, Executive Producer Tom Powers, Open Door, In co-production with SVT, Executive Producer Axel Arnö, Supported by The Swedish Film Institute, Film Commissioner Tove Torbiörnsson. 90 minutes, 2008